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New York Private Equity Group, America’s Leader in Lower to Middle Market Aquisitions.

Our Firm
New York Private Equity Group is a leading boutique Mergers and Acquisitions firm, founded in 1993, quickly becoming America’s leader in lower to middle market acquisitions.  


Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with offices in New York, Florida, Chicago, Europe & South America, we operate throughout the US, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. In 2022 we project that we will be involved in more than one billion dollars in transactions. You may have heard us or have seen us on CNN, CNBC, FOX & Bloomberg.


New York Private Equity Group, Inc., provides advice and direction in a consultative fashion for buyer and seller representation in the sale of companies, with ten million dollars to one billion dollars in revenue. Our services Include representing buyers and sellers through our buy side and sell side divisions and assisting companies in raising equity capital.


What makes us unique in the Mergers and Acquisditions market, is that for a qualifying potential client, we will put to work a team of senior investment bankers, experts in the Mergers and Acquisitions field investing over two thousand man hours contributing to the success of a flawless representation. We will consider paying for the appraisal of your business to assure you are selling or buying at the right price. 


With decades of global Mergers and Acquisition experience, New York Private Equity Group, Inc., has assisted hundreds of owners achieve their personal objectives and ensure the continued growth of their businesses.

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We pay for appraisal & presentation book. No sale no payment. $1,000,000,000 in sales internationally for companies with sales 5mm to 500mm. Seen on FOX & Bloomberg. We respond immediately with 2 industry buyers. Confidentiality guaranteed.