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Buyer Services

Week 1-4

Planning Strategy & Due Diligence

  • Understand company and objectives. Review and restate operational and financial performance.

  • Review and sharpen growth projections.

  • Develop preliminary marketing strategy: (value propositions, types of buyers, how broadly to market).

Week 4-8

Prepare Memorandum & Identify Buyers
  • Define key selling points.

  • Prepare offering memorandum.

  • Identify and evaluate potential buyers.

  • Customize approach for strategic and financial buyers.

Week 8-12

Conduct Formal Marketing Efforts
  • Contact Buyers.

  • Distribute memorandum.

  • Qualify Buyers and furnish information.

  • Prepare management presentation.

  • Receive preliminary indications of interest.

Week 12-18

Conduct Management Presentations & Buyer Due Diligence
  • Select qualified buyers.

  • Facilitate meetings and site visits.

  • Coordinate follow-up information request and discussions.

Week 18-20

Evaluate Bids & Assist Negotiations
  • Evaluate offers.

  • Assist in negotiations.

  • Facilitate due diligence and legal documentation.

Week 20

Legal Work & Closing
  • Draft final closing documentation.

  • File for appropiate legal authorities.

  • Close transaction.

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